These features are supported in the release 4.2 (or newer)

Custom Color Palette

Users can create custom color palettes for Vitara charts. VitaraCharts comes with three custom color palettes by default: Corporate1, Corporate2 and Corporate3.

In any of the Vitara chart, go to - edit → appearance → color palette.You may see these three color palettes if you expand the color palette tab. We can change the colors in existing color palettes and create new ones.

Steps to create and deploy a custom color palette

Step 1:

Open the file named global.txt in the following path,

Tomcat 8.0\webapps\MicroStrategy\plugins\VitaraCharts\custom

In this file, you can see the three properties called palette.Corporate1, palette.Corporate2 and palette.Corporate3. These are the sample custom palettes’ declarations. Please refer the below screenshot of the ‘global.txt’ file.

custom color palette1

Step 2:

Create a palette. Color names, hex values, and RGB values are all valid color values. As an example,


Step 3:

There is a palette.list property. This property contains all of the custom palettes (separated by commas) that must be reflected in the charts.

Add the name of the custom palette that you want to see in the chart’s list of color palettes.

As an example,


Step 4:

To see the color palette applied on the chart, For example to select the palette named Vitara,


- Edit → Appearance → Color Palette → Vitara

Below is the screenshot of an existing custom palette Corporate1 in the chart.

custom color palette2

Steps to set a custom palette as the default palette

Step 1:

There is a key in global.txt named palette.defaultPalette. So, you need to specify which custom palette defined in the global.txt should be the default palette for all the charts. For example,



  • Palette will be shown as Misconfigured in the list of color palettes, on failed to parse user-defined palette from global.txt. For example,
    Vitara {Misconfigured}
  • If the default palette set in the global.txt is misconfigured, the color palette is defaulted to the chart’s default palette.

  • Users can define any number of colors in a given palette.

  • After adding any new color, refresh the dossier/document to reflect the new color in Vitara charts.

  • You can disable any of these custom color palettes, add # at the starting of the palette definition.

  • You have to clear your the browser’s cache to reflect this change into any of the Vitara charts.