Metric suffixes used to shorten high numbers in axis labels and data labels

Vitara charts will shorten the number in axis labels and in data labels. The shortened metric suffixes can modify as per the user’s requirement.

metric short format1

The following code in the ‘global.txt’ file can be used for this purpose. The ‘global.txt’ file will in the following location in the Vitara charts plugin folder. Vitara charts → Custom folder → global.txt.

#Metric suffixes used to shorten high numbers in axis labels.
#empty-value, space, null is discarded.
shortFormatSymbols=k, M, B, T, P, E

In the above code, ‘k’ is the suffix for 1000, M is suffix for 1000,000, B is suffix for 1,000,000,000 and so on. In Vitara Charts we can change this suffix character as per our requirement.

For example, the number 1, 000, 000, 000 is shortened as 1B by default. If we want to change the suffix ‘B’ to some other character, say ‘G’, in the above code we have to replace ‘B’ with ‘G’.

shortFormatSymbols=k, M, G, T, P, E 

Save the ‘global.txt’ file and reopen your document. The below screenshot shows the new suffix ‘G’.

metric short format2

Note: After reloading the dashboard, if you are still having the older suffix in your dashboard, delete your browser’s cache and reload the dashboard.