Hide ‘Edit’ button

Users can make changes to Vitara Charts using the properties window which will pop up when we click on the ‘Edit’ button. When the user hovers the cursor on any of the charts, Vitara charts will show this ‘Edit’ button. By disabling this ‘Edit’ button we can restrict the end users not to make any changes after the dashboard designer had done his/her work.

VI Dashboards or Dossiers

When the user runs the VI Dashboard/Dossier in “Presentation Mode” Vitara Charts do not display the ‘Edit’ button.

Report Services Documents

In MicroStrategy “User Privileges” and “File Permissions” are the two concepts by which we can implement security at different levels of users. Vitaracharts can be configured using the security model so that only developers or document designers are able to edit the Vitara charts and not the end users. We can allow/restrict a user to edit or modify Vitara charts depending on the privileges or file permissions that the user has in MicroStrategy.

Disable edit button using User Privileges:

In Vitara Charts the privilege and permission settings are defined in the ‘global.txt’ file, which will be in the Vitara Charts installation folder. Generally, it will be in the following path:

Tomcat 8.0\webapps\MicroStrategy\plugins\VitaraCharts\custom.

The code “#checkPrivilegeForPropertiesEditor=125” in the ‘global.txt’ file will deal with user privileges. In this line, we have to give the DSSXML Privilege value of a particular privilege on which we want to set a security condition. The default value 125 is the DSSXML Privilege value of ‘Web Document Design’ privilege. Uncomment this line by deleting ‘#’ to set condition using user privilege - ‘Web Document Design’. Now only the users who have ‘Web Document Design’ privilege enabled will get the edit button for all Vitara charts. You can set this condition using other privileges also. For example, the DSSXML Privilege value for ‘Web Print Mode’ privilege is 27. Give these values in the privilege settings line.


The users with this privilege enabled are only able to edit or modify Vitaracharts.

Disable edit button using File Permissions:

Vitara Charts will inherit the file permissions a user has on a particular report services document and will show the ‘Edit’ button if it matches with the permission set in the global.txt file. In the ‘global.txt’ file the following code will deal with setting security conditions using file permissions.


By default, this line will be in commented mode. Uncomment this line by deleting ‘#’ character. Suppose you want the users who have ‘Write’ permission on a particular document only able to edit Vitara charts, modify the code as follows,


Now only the users who have to write permission on that particular report services document will get the ‘Edit’ button in Vitara Charts.