Vitara’s 2020 Dashboard results are in!

We are thrilled to announce the winners of Vitara’s 2020 Dashboard contest powered by MicroStrategy. This year’s submissions exceeded all expectations for creativity, aesthetics and data presentation and picking the winners was by no means an easy choice. However, decisions need to be made and the following submissions have been selected as the winners for the contest this year.

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Winner (First Prize) - $500 Amazon gift card

We would like to congratulate Elmernikh Nabil for his outstanding take on the legendary Messi and his career. The first page gives general stats like goals, records, etc followed by an analysis of Messi’s game like % of successful dribbles using “Season” as a play attribute which shows playing style changes over time. And saving the best for last the final page compares Messi with another legend Maradona using the Tornado chart for Goals, WolrdCups, Free Kicks, etc. A delight for soccer fans as well as non-soccer fans alike. This one set the bar high!

First Runner-up (Second Prize) - $250 Amazon gift card

Manish Gupta has taken up one of the key issues of our time and created some stunning visual presentation of the tragic data. Every year thousands of migrants move around the world in the hope of a new home, job or a better life. But there are multiple incidents over the years which left many migrants dead or missing. Manish analyzed the migrant’s data ( data source - IOM) to provide a top-down analysis. This dossier provides a high-level summary based on the data from 2015-2019 as well as give end-users to see the regional level view. Also this would look into different causes of fatalities and timeline analysis for trending. The idea behind this dossier is to provide a 360-degree view of the migrant’s fatalities and understand what/when/why from the data. This could be helpful for the Government agencies, NGOs, humanitarian organizations, etc to provide help and resources.

Second Runner-up (Third Prize) - $250 Amazon gift card

We have a tie for third place with two very interesting dashboards.

Third Place Winner 1

This dashboard is a very unique presentation and data on the Dubai economy and tourism by Ramkumar Venkatsubbu. Ram has used the summary page to display the number and distribution of visitors, growth over the years and how this correspondingly helped raise the growth for the hospitality industry. Following pages were used to provide details for Dubai metro, flights, roads, and building details,

Third Place Winner 2

Reema Mohanty and Rajavel took on a complex topic of crime and suicides in India to present the data in a consumable format in their dashboard submission. Kudos for selecting such a difficult topic and yet managing to capture the audience with the presentation of information. The dashboard shows that Suicides increased trend over the years in India (Teenagers, Farmers, or etc., compares Crime data with Suicide cases and how India stands in comparison to the world w.r.t. Suicides. Finally, they close with WHO prevention handouts for suicide prevention.