Combination Chart

You can create a combination chart to represent multiple series as different chart types. For instance, a chart showing sales and profit can be created with sales shown as bars and profit shown as a line or area chart. In addition each of these metrics can use their own axis.


Metrics - 1 or more metrics Attributes - 1 or more attributes Use as Filter Option - Available


We can turn the bar/column chart into the combinational chart by changing the ‘series type’ in the ‘series’ tab and also by setting the associated axis

First create a regular bar/column chart column series

Now open the properties editor and click on the series tab series tab

You can change the type of chart for any of the metrics. series type

You can also choose to use a secondary axis for one of the metrics secondary axis

Once you apply the change, you can see that Profit is now a line chart with its own (secondary) axis combo result