Combination Chart

You can create a combination chart to represent multiple series as different chart types. For instance, a chart showing sales and profit can be created with sales shown as bars and profit shown as a line or area chart. In addition each of these metrics can use their own axis.


Metrics - 1 or more metrics
Attributes - 1 or more attributes
Use as Filter Option - Available


From 4.4 version, ‘Scatter’ is removed from series types. It is now replaced by data markers. And also width property is added in series tab to independently adjust the width of each series. See the screenshot below

column series

Steps to create a Combination chart

Combination chart can be created using the series tab in property editor of Line/Bar/Column/Area charts

Step 1:

Create a column chart for example with 2 metrics profit and revenue as shown in the screenshot below.
column series

Step 2:

Now open the property editor and go to the series tab. Click on the edit button for revenue metric as shown in the screenshot below
series tab

Step 3:

Select the series type for revenue metric as ‘Line’, width as ‘2’ and click on apply as shown in the below screenshot.
series type
And the combination chart will now be created as shown in the screenshot below.
series type

Step 4:

We can aslo set the series to be on the secondary axis for one of the metric. See the screenshot
secondary axis
And below screenshot shows how the chart looks after enabling the series on secondary axis
secondary axis

Data Markers

From the version 4.4, data markers feature is introduced in the Bar/Column/Line/Area/Sparkline charts. To know about Data Markers feature please click Here.