Note: A separate detailed ‘Grid and MicroChart usage document’ is available

Grid Chart

Vitara grid is the most user-friendly grid. We can explore so many features with just a click. Grid formatting is available at both at column level and row level, attractive grid themes, apply to group (Page by) at multiple levels, metric aggregations (Subtotals) at different grouping levels, column grouping, thresholds with custom icons, and many more.


Metrics: 1 metric Attributes: At least 1 attribute Use as Filter Option - Available

grid inputs

Using the Vitara grid chart it’s so easy to apply the following options.


We can apply to the group, both at column level and row level. Expand/collapse grouping. For group headlines, we can apply aggregations. Further, we can show grand totals for grouped metric aggregated headlines.


We can show aggregations (Subtotals) on groupings. Enable or disable grand totals.


Apply/remove thresholds easily. In thresholds, we can set the background color, text color, icons, icon color, icon size, icon only and use custom images as icons.


With just a click on the column header will sort the column data in ascending or descending order. On the first click data will be sorted in ascending order, the second click will sort in descending order and the third click will remove sorting on a column. ‘Clear sorting’ tab also available which will clear sorting applied on all columns in the grid.

Look and feel

Auto size fit to the content/ fit to grid width, grid themes, set grid row height, option for clear sorting/clear threshold/clear grouping/clear filter, export grid data into CSV format, pin a column to the right/left side. Text font properties like font style, font size, alignment, text color, bold, underline and italic are available for column headers and body text.


View filters can be created specifically to the grid i.e filter on attribute or metric.

Show/hide the number of children in a row group:

In 3.8 release Grid/Micro chart introduced an option to show or hide the number of children in a row group. Grid/Micro charts have an option to show or hide the number of children in a row group. Click on the ‘Edit’ button, in properties popup window select ‘Grid Theme’ and check the ‘Hide Children Count’ checkbox.

grid showhide child count