Mekko Chart

The Mekko chart shows data using a two-dimensional axis. It is similar to the stack bar chart but additionally, it shows the relativity among the different stack categories with the increased or decreased width. This will help in identifying the contribution of a particular category.


Metrics: 1 metric

Attributes: 2 attributes.

Use as Filter Option - Available

Example: Mekko chart with Sales by Customer Segment & Province values. The width of each Customer Segment will represent the contribution of that Province to overall sales.

mekko inputs


We can set thresholds on metrics using any criteria to show specific colors on the chart. We can also enable data labels for only the values which are highlighted in thresholds. Open the property editor by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button and select the ‘Threshold’ tab.

mekko threshold add

In the threshold editor window apply source, target, threshold condition and the other related information to set a threshold on the chart.

mekko threshold condition

Finally click on ‘Apply’ button.

Background Image

The steps to set a background image for all Vitara charts are explained in backgroundImage.