Packed Bubble Chart

Packed Bubble charts will show data as a collection of interconnected circles. The individual bubbles are defined by attributes, and the individual circles are defined by values. Any bubble you click while holding down the Shift key will zoom in to display detailed information.


Metrics: 1 metrics Attributes: 1 attribute. Use as Filter Option - Available

packedbubble inputs

UnGroup Bubble

We can enable/disable the ‘UnGroup’ option. Below is the screenshot where we enabled ‘Un Group’ option.

packedbubble inputs

packedbubble inputs


In the business point of view, certain part of the chart needs to be highlighted to draw more attention from the desicion makers. For example, highlight the stores where total sales is greater than a specific value or highlight the top 10 products whose sales is high during last year’s winter. Thresholds are very useful objects in these use cases.

Thresholds will display some conditional formatting in a chart to highlight certain data points depending on predefined criteria.The criteria are attribute or metric qualifications. If a qualification’s expression evaluates to TRUE, the report displays the threshold. We can also include markers in thresholds.

To apply thresholds in vitara charts, hover the cursor on the chart. Vitara chart will display an ‘Edit’ button. When you click on this ‘Edit’ button the properties window will pop out. Select the thresholds tab to open threshold editor. In the window you can add a new threshold or delete any existing threshold or modify the existing threshold.

Note: As of version 4.6, we can use characteristics to impose thresholds. All the measurements and attributes in the chart are listed in the source drop-down box in the threshold editing window. We can choose a source attribute and specify a threshold condition. By default, packed bubble establishes a threshold (Gradient threshold) and bases the colours of the plot on the values of this threshold. The packed bubble chart’s threshold editor is seen in the screenshot below. The chart’s default threshold is displayed by the threshold editor. By selecting the ‘Add’ option, we can modify this threshold, delete it, and add a new one.

packedbubble add threshold

packedbubble threshold condition

After giving all the inputs click on ‘Apply’ button.

Background Image

The steps to set a background image for all Vitara charts are explained in backgroundImage.

Bubble Type

From version 5.1.1 onward, the packed bubble tab now allows users to switch the bubble’s form from a circle to a hexagonal.



Bubble Size

Starting from version 5.1.1, we can now choose to manage the bubble’s size using either metric or fixed values.

  • Metric Value When the bubble size is set to a metric value, the bubble size adjusts from smaller to larger in accordance with the value.

  • Fixed Value Similarly, when the bubble size is set to fixed, all bubbles, inspite of their values, are adjusted to standard size.