Pie (Donut) Chart

The Donut chart is a Pie chart variation with the ability to display a single series of data in a two-dimensional circle. It is useful for displaying data as parts of a whole.


Metrics - 1 metric Attributes - 1 or more attributes. For each combination of attribute elements, one slice will be created. For example in the screenshot below for every combination of Month and Category, a slice is created. Use as Filter Option - Available

Pie inputs

Data labels

We can modify the data labels for the data labels and centre label also. You can see the attached screenshots below. Pie inputs

We have an option to enable/disable the Show total in Center label in the Pie chart Pie inputs

Format Pie

From the 4.5 version of Vitara charts, a feature is introduced in pie chart to customize inner radius, start and end angles.
All these customizable properties are available in the ‘Pie’ tab of the property editor. See the screenshot below.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the outer radius is 100% which cannot be changed. And the default inner radius is 70, default both pie start and end angles are set to 90.
Now, let us customize the pie chart with some of these settings.
Inner radius - 10; Pie start angle - 0; Pie end angle - 90.

Inner radius - 0; Pie start angle - 0; Pie end angle - 360. These settings create a full Pie chart.

Inner radius - 40; Pie start angle - 0; Pie end angle - 180.


We can set thresholds on metrics using any criteria to show specific colors on the chart. We can also enable data labels for only the values which are highlighted in thresholds. Open the property editor by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button and select the ‘Threshold’ tab.

pie threshold add

In the threshold editor window apply source, target, threshold condition and the other related information to set a threshold on the chart.

pie threshold condition

After giving all the inputs click on ‘Apply’ button.

Play-by Animation

Play by - animation shows the chart for each element of the first attribute. For more details about the play by feature please refer to play-by.

Background Image

The steps to set a background image for all Vitara charts are explained in backgroundImage.

Small Multiples

Pie chart supports small multiples feature. Small multiples feature is explained in smallMultiples.