Sankey Chart

Sankey Chart is designed to represent a flow from one set of values to another. It is the best way to use many-to-many mapping relationships between two dimensions. The things being connected are called nodes and the connections are called Links. Sankey is efficient and is very good showing particular complex information.


Metrics: 1 metric Attributes: 2 or more attribute Use as Filter Option - Available

sanky inputs

Data labels

We can enable or disable the node labels and link labels. You can see the attached screenshots below.

Sankey inputs

We can format the links and nodes accordingly.

Sankey inputs


We can set thresholds on metrics using any criteria to show specific colors on the chart. We can also enable data labels for only the values which are highlighted in thresholds. Open the property editor by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button and select the ‘Threshold’ tab.

sanky threshold add

In the threshold editor window apply source, target, threshold condition and the other related information to set a threshold on the chart.

sanky threshold condition

We can set target of threshold either links or nodes. And also we can apply a threshold at node level or chart level. For example if we set threshold - top 1 apply red color, this top 1 can be in each node or in the entire chart.

After giving all inputs click on ‘Apply’ button.

Sankey property

Sankey chart have the ability to set custom colors for links. Links can be given custom color palette using their colors options.

Here, we select a ‘Caribbean Green Pearl’ color for links.

sanky threshold condition

sanky threshold condition

From 4.4.1 version of Vitara charts, we have a new update in Sankey chart where we can Highlight path of the links end to end. This makes is much easier to visualize.

When you hover on the link, you can see the whole relation of the specific link. Here’s an example of Links highlight from end to end.

sanky threshold condition

sanky threshold condition

Background Image

The steps to set a background image for all Vitara charts are explained in backgroundImage.