Sparkline Chart

A Sparkline is a small chart that is aligned with rows of some tabular data and usually shows trend information. Sparklines (often called as micro-charts) add rich visualization capability to tabular data without taking too much space.


Metrics - 1 or more metrics can be added to this visualization Attributes - Minimum one attribute is required. We recommend adding one time-based attribute as a trend over time is best represented by a sparkline. However, any other attribute can also be used. Use as Filter Option - Available

sparkline inputs


We can add a marker at each data point on the spacer chart. There are various markers available to select from. Go to the marker tab, click on the marker type, select the marker. The size of the markers is also customizable. Just enter a number in ‘Marker Size’ text input box or you can use increase/decrease buttons.

sparkline markers


We can turn the sparkline chart into the combinational chart by changing the series type in the series tab.

sparkline series

Line Options

From the 4.5 version of Vitara charts, the line options are introduced in Line, Area and Sparkline charts. Line width, Line style and Line Style are the 3 options introduced. Below are the screenshots with the line options. Line width - 2 Line width - Violet Line style - LongDash

sparkline options


We can set thresholds on metrics using any criteria to show specific colors on the chart. We can also include markers in thresholds. We can also enable data labels for only the values which are highlighted in thresholds. Open the property editor by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button and select the ‘Threshold’ tab.

sparkline threshold add

In the threshold editor window apply source, target, threshold condition and the other related information to set a threshold on the chart.

sparkline threshold condition

After giving all the inputs click on ‘Apply’ button.

Play-by Animation

Play by - animation shows the chart for each element of the first attribute. For more details about the play by feature please refer to play-by.

Background Image

The steps to set a background image for all Vitara charts are explained in backgroundImage.

Small Multiples

Spark Line chart supports small multiples feature. Small multiples feature is explained in smallMultiples.

Data Markers

From the version 4.4, data markers feature is introduced in the Sparkline chart. To know about Data Markers feature please click Here.