Stacked Column/Bar Chart

Unlike conventional bar and column charts where a separate bar/column is displayed for each element of the attribute, in stacked bar/column charts the second attribute groups on the first attribute.

In the below-shown example, there are 2 attributes: Category and Quarter. The quarter attribute is grouped on category attribute; as a result, for each element of the Category attribute all the quarter attribute elements are displayed one above the other.

Inputs Metrics: 1 metric Attribute: At least 2 attributes. Use as Filter Option - Available

stacked column/bar inputs

Stack by Percentage

By default stacked bar/column chart will stack the bars using values. Using the ‘Stack by Percentage’ option we can make the stacked bars height with respective to the percentage contibution to the total stack value.

sbarcolumn percentage

Stack by Metrics

In 4.2 release the major change in stacked bar/column is, in web documents now we can stack using metrics. Please refer the below screenshot to enable this feature.


Data labels

We can format for the data label and Stack Total. You can see the attached screenshots below.

Stacked Column/Bar inputs


We can set thresholds on metrics using any criteria to show specific colors on the chart. We can also enable data labels for only the values which are highlighted in thresholds. Open the property editor by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button and select the ‘Threshold’ tab.

sbarcolumn threshold add

In the threshold editor window apply source, target, threshold condition and the other related information to set a threshold on the chart.

sbarcolumn threshold condition

After giving all the inputs click on ‘Apply’ button.

Background Image

The steps to set a background image for all Vitara charts are explained in backgroundImage.

Small Multiples

Stacked bar/column chart supports small multiples feature. Small multiples feature is explained in smallMultiples.