Attribute forms in the Vitara Charts

Vitara charts supports multiple attribute forms.

Attribute forms in XY Charts:

For example, i want to show customer wise number of complaints or tickets raised and the complaints or tickets resolved. The customer attribute has two attribute forms First Name and the Last Name. The chart has to show the complete name of the customer, which is the combination of both the attribute forms First Name and the Last Name.

Attribute and Metrics used in this example are:
Attributes: 1.Customer
Metrics: 1.Tickets Raised 2.Tickets Resolved

Below is the screenshot of the MicroStrategy grid visualization. You can see, for the customer attribute both the attribute forms First Name and the Last Name are enabled.


If we convert this visualization into any of the vitara charts, vitara charts will concatinates both attribute forms and display as a single label. Below is is the screenshot of vitara combination chart with multiple attribute forms enabled for the customer attribute.


Attribute forms in Grid and Micro Charts:

In the vitara grid and micro charts each attribute form is displayed as a separate column. Below is the sceenshot of the vitara grid chart showing the same example explained above.