Background Images

How to set the Vitara charts’ backdrop images.There are two ways to insert the background image:

Using a relative path (the image needs to be placed in VitaraCharts folder)

Step 1:

Copy the image which you want to set as a background for Vitara charts in the following folder.


Step 2:

Open edit popup window, goto background tab, click on “Enable background image” checkbox.

Step 3:

Enter the name of the image with the extension (.png or .jpg) into the text box. Example:

background images1

Note: Image name is case sensitive.

Using Image URL or full path

We can directly copy the image web URL or full path in the text box.

background images2

We have options like - original/fit to chart/fill chart/custom, to make the image to fit with the Vitara chart. The opacity option can reduce the intensity of the background image on the Vitara chart. Below we can see a screenshot of Stacked Column Chart with a background image.

background images3