Gradient Threshold

In thresholds properties a new threshold condition called ‘Gradient threshold’ is added to the following charts: Bar, Stacked Bar, Column, Stacked Column, Line, Area, Bubble, Tornado, Sparkline, HeatMap, Column range, Bullet, Calendar Heatmap, Trellis, Mekko, Word Cloud, Dumbbell, Slope, Angular Gauge and Sankey chart.

Gradient thresholds are applied in between two colors with the required number of stops. Based on the Target and Source options, the gradient thresholds are applied on Attributes and Metrics with the Start and End colors.

Click on the Edit Button→ Thresholds Button→ We can set Gradient Thresholds through conditions.

Examples for Gradient Threshold:

  1. In the below screenshot, for the Angular Gauge Chart, we applied the Gradient threshold on Background Bar, and Red as Start color and Yellow as End color, with 5 Stops.

gradient threshold1

  1. In the below screenshot, in the Dumbbell chart, we applied Target and Source as Cost, and applied Gradient threshold condition, with alias name and number of stops at 4.

gradient threshold2