Negative Sign Customization in Vitara Charts

Use Metric Formmating in Vitara charts (Tooltip and Data Labels):

In vitara charts, by default the tooltip and data labels are displyed in the shortened format. For example, if microstrategy is showing a number as $2500, the same value will be shown as $2.5K in the vitara charts. And also if we set any specific number format for a metric in the Metric Formatting, those formattings are ignored in vitara charts.

However, we can customize vitara charts so that they can show numbers exactly in the same format shown in microstrategy.

Below are the steps to customize vitara charts (Data labels and Tooltip) to show numbers in the same format as microstarategy.

Step 1: Hover the cursor on any of the vitara chart. The chart will show Edit button. Click on the Edit button to open vitara charts properties window.

Step 2: Open the Data Labels menu. In the Data Labels menu there will be a drop down box - Metric Format.


Expand this drop down box and select the option Use Metric Formatting.


When we select the option Use Metric Formatting, the data lebles and tooltip in vitara charts will be shown in the same format used in microstrategy.

This means, if we select the option Use Metric Formatting, the sign of negative numbers in the vitara charts will be same as sign shown in microstrategy.

Negative sign customization in the Shortened Format:

By default vitara charts will show numbers in the shortened format. Suppose i want to show the numbers in the shortened format (Vitara Charts default format) and i want to customize the negative sign,then we have to configure the vitara charts.

Below are the three scenarios in which we can customize the Vitara Charts to display negative sign in the shortened number format.

  1. Display MicroStrategy default sign.
  2. Display a minus sign.
  3. Display parenthesis.

We have to configure the ‘global.txt’ file as per our requirement. Below is screenshot of the ‘global.txt’ file, highlighting the respective code.


The path of ‘global.txt’ file is: webapps/MicroStrategy/plugins/VitaraCharts/custom/global.txt.

Notations used for negative sign customization:

    -1 use MicroStrategy formatting, 
     0 display negative numbers with minus sign, 
     1 display negative numbers in parenthesis.

Place -1, or 0 or 1 in the below line of the ‘global.txt’ file.

For example, in the vitara charts, if i want display negative numbers in the paranthesis, irrespective of what microstrategy is showing, i have to place a 1 in the global.txt file.