Resetting font properties

Most font properties in Vitara Charts’ Property editor are set to ‘Auto’ by default. Let’s look at how to reset the font settings to ‘Auto’ after manually providing them in this document. Font features such as ‘font-family’ and ‘font-size’ are particularly important.

1. Font family

Font family can be applied to Axes, Data labels, Tooltip text, Legend labels, and other elements. Assume we change the font family of some text in a chart to ‘Times New Roman’, as shown in the screenshot below:

Now to set back this font family property to ‘Auto’, then just set it to Select from the Labels dropdown as shown in the screenshot below:

2. Font size

Almost all labels in a chart, including axes, data labels, tooltip text, legend labels, and series width, can have the font size property set. Assume we set the Data labels size in a chart to ‘14’, as shown in the screenshot below: resetFontSize1

Now to reset the data labels size to ‘Auto’, just make the font size textbox empty[select and clear the font size number using backspace]. See the screenshot below: