Right to Left (RTL) Language Support

Vitara Charts now supports the right to left scripts. The right to left scripts is generally used in the following languages: Arabic, Hebrew, Persian/Farsi, and Urdu.

Controlling the option

The option to use RTL is a system wide option. Once we enable it will be reflected in all Vitara charts. In the ‘global.txt’ file notice the following line:


The option is commented out by default. Just delete the ‘#’ character in the above line to enable RTL format of data display.

Grid and Micro Charts

The main usage of RTL format is in the grid and micro charts. The following are the changes made in Grid/Micro charts to fully support RTL format:

Headers: Attributes will be listed on the right and metrics on the left side of the grid.

Context menu - Order of the text and the indication arrows ‘>’: The text shows on the right side and the arrow option is on the left.

All columns are right justified by default (including grouped column text).

Threshold values have markers right aligned and values to the left of the marker.

Threshold bars start from the right (vertical axis on the right).

Micro charts trend lines start from the right (for all; bar, column, and bullet).

Manage column group menu now have draggable elements on the right and the drop area is on the left.

Cartesian Charts

For all the cartesian charts, the horizontal axis will grow, by default, from right to left. The vertical axis continues to be the same (grows bottom to top).

Grid layout Charts

For charts that use a grid layout (like the waffle, trellis, etc.), the layout will start from the top right instead of top left.

Properties Editor

Similar to the context menu in the grid, the properties editor now has the headers on the right (with the arrow key indicating selection on the left of the text) and the content on the left.

For each of the properties, the label and the control (i.e. checkbox or the select box, etc.) will be flipped. The label/header will be on the right and the control displayed on the left.


For all the legend elements (laid out horizontally), the symbols will be shown on the right and the text on the left.


The text will be right justified by default.