Properties Menu - Grand Total

Vitara grid chart by default shows ‘Grand Total’ row at the bottom of the visualization. The default function applied is ‘Sum’. However, we can modify the default aggregation function to other functions in the list.

grand total1

Therefore, the term ‘Grand Total’ is just for naming purposes and does not mean it will show only totals. The actual value of the Grand total will be calculated by using the function applied in ‘Value Aggregation’. For example, if we apply ‘Value Aggregation’ function - Max, the grand total will also show the max value among the values. Show/Hide Grand total: If we don’t want to show ‘Grand Total’ row, then we can hide the ‘Grand Total’ row. Click on the ‘Edit’ button select the ‘Grand Totals’ tab and expand the dropdown box select ‘Hide’.

grand total 2

Now, you can do the text formatting options and apply background color to the Grand totals row; font family, font size, bold, italic, underline, text color, font alignment and back ground color. Below is the screenshots of ‘Title formatting’ and ‘Value formatting’ of Grand totals editor.

grand total 3

grand total 4

Examples of screenshots where the text formattings and back ground colors are applied for grand totals.

grand total 5

Grand Total Threshold

We introduced a feature in Version 5.1.2 that enables users to add ‘thresholds’ to the grand total row. To enable thresholds for grand totals, go to the thresholds tab in the editor window, then pick source and target, then select ‘Grand Total’ from the group option above the source, and apply desired threshold condition.

grand total6

grand total6