Properties Menu - Manage Column Grouping

In the Vitara Grid chart, we can also apply to the group for columns. Go to the hamburger button and expand ‘Grouping’ tab, select ‘Manage Column Grouping’.

manage column grouping 1

A new column grouping popup window will open. This will list all the attributes and metrics in the grid chart. Click on ‘Add New’ button.

manage column grouping 2

Now the popup window will show Group Title, give any name for your group. This name will be displayed in the grid chart. In to the shaded boxes below the group title drag and drop the attributes or metrics to which you want to apply the column groupings.

manage column grouping 3

Below is a screenshot of the grid chart showing column grouping, group name as ‘KPIs’. You can expand or collapse this column grouping. If the group is in collapse mode, it will show the first attribute/metric.

manage column grouping 4