A subtotal lets you see the totals for subgroups of your report data. Vitara Grid chart shows the Subtotals when you group by any column. The subtotal functions include sum, count, minimum, maximum, average, first, last and Ratio in Vitara Grid chart.

Subtotals editor by default enables the ‘Use body styles’ option where it is shown same as body styles of the chart; and we cannot do text formattings on Subtotals. Below is the screenshot shown where ‘Use Body Styles’ is enabled.

subtotal 1

In Subtotals editor, if we disable the ‘Use body styles’ option, you can do the text formatting options and apply background color to the Subtotals; font family, font size, bold, italic, underline, text color, font alignment and back ground color. Below is the screenshots of ‘Title formatting’ and ‘Value formatting’ of Grand totals editor.

subtotal 2

Examples of screenshots where the text formattings and back ground colors are applied for subtotals.

subtotal 3