Formatting Options in Vitara Map Chart

VitaraMaps comes with extensive formatting options. When user clicks on ‘Edit’ button , a popup window with all the formatting options is displayed. .Below is the screenshot of ‘Edit Properties’ window of map vhart.

map properties window

This is the properties editor which can be used for various properties of map chart like the palette colors, data labels style, enabling or disabling tooltip, and legend. We can also apply Thresholds which will show the chart in a color when a specific condition is true. For this go to ‘Thresholds’ tab and apply a new threshold.

There are map specific properties in the ‘Map’ tab. This tab has properties like map layer, map type, grouping and border properties.

map properties window1

Expand the option ‘Map layer’. You can see the three default map layers. To apply any map, our visualization should contain respective data.

map properties window2

Map Types - Choropleth map and map bubble

Choropleth map:

Choropleth map shows metric’s data in the form of color gradients. Map chart will divide the metric data into five ranges, top 20%, 20% to 40%,, 40% to 60%, 60% to 80% and bottom 20%. Applies a color for each range. Below is the screenshot for this type of chart, which shows human population for each continent.

map properties map types1

Map bubble:

Map bubble shows a bubble for each attribute element and the size of the bubble is decided by the metric value.

map properties map types2

Play By - Animation:

To enable this option two attributes are needed in vitara map. One is for normal ‘Map Attribute’ drop zone which will be related to the Map type, and other is for ‘Play by’ drop zone.Drag and drop the attribute in to ‘Play Axis’ drop zone.

map play by1

The ‘Play By’ option will make vitara map chart to show ‘Map Attribute’ elements for each element of the ‘play by’ attribute at a particular time instant. We can pause the play at any time and replay it.Below is the screenshot of a dashboard in which US States information is displayed region wise.

map play by2