Creating US map using US Counties data

Using VitaraMap tools, US Counties can be used to generate US Map with any custom grouping of Counties.

Vitara County grouping tool

County grouping is done using the same tool used for ZipCode grouping.

Click on the link to access the tool:

VitaraMaps - Tool for merging counties

The below is screenshot of the tool.

map counties 1

Steps 1:

After navigating to the webpage select the “US County Map” as shown in the image above.

Step 2:

Choose “Data” file (csv format) with at least two columns of data to group county’s based on the column data.

Step 3:

Fill “Group By” and “Apply Grouping To” fields to merge and export.

Example of County’s aggregation:

The following example illustrates county’s grouped into states (approx data for county and state grouping is used).

In the below image FIPS represents the county code and corresponding states.

map counties 2

Now using this data, merge tool fields can be filled as shown below.

map counties 3

Merge & Export to generate a geojson shapefile with the given grouping info.

The following is screenshot of Vitara map chart which is created from county map of the USA, grouped at state level.

map counties 4