Creating US map using Zip Codes

We can easily get any projection of US map using zip codes. Then we can group these zip codes to any level like county, state, or a custom region. The best use case of zip code grouping is, we can form our own regions by grouping the zip codes we want to be in that region. Finally we can draw a map which will show the level at which we grouped the zip codes.

Vitara Zip code grouping tool

Zip Code grouping tool merges the individual zip code into regions/states to form a single region based on a data file which contains grouping info.

Click on the link to access the tool:

VitaraMaps - Tool for grouping zip codes

The below screenshot is from vitara zip code grouping tool web page.

map zip codes 1

Example of zip code aggregation:

Let us consider there are 10 zip codes. Now i want to draw the US map chart in which all these zip codes are in two regions and i have data also at region level. By grouping these zip codes into respective regions it is possible to draw a map which shows regions. The below table has 10 zip codes and the corresponding regions.

Zip Code Region
29105 1
29137 1
29164 1
29801 1
29802 1
29803 2
29804 2
29805 2
29808 2
29809 2

To create a map which shows these regions, i need a shape file (.json) of that. The following steps describes the process of generating shape file using zip codes.

Step 1:

Access the Vitara zip code grouping tool using the link mentioned below. The zip codes file should be a csv file. VitaraMaps - Tool for grouping zip codes

Step 2:

Upload the csv file by clicking “Choose File” option.

Step 3:

In our example, we want to group zip code at region level, fill the “Group By” field with the column name “Region”.

Step 4:

We want to group zip codes, fill the “Apply Grouping To” field with column name “ZipCode”.

Step 5:

Click “Merge & Export” and json file will be downloaded.

map zip codes 1

After getting the json file the remaining steps will be same as we discussed when explaining world continents map creation. The following is screenshot of Vitara map chart which is created from zip codes of the USA, grouped at state level.

map zip codes 2